LP1524 Pail Filler Lid Press
LP1524 Pail Filler Lid Press
LP1524 Pail Filler Lid Press
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LP1524 Pail Filler Lid Press

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The LP1524 is a semi-automatic pail lid press designed to mount inline with a pail filling machine such as the XPG-100 or XPG-200. It is compatible with most snap-on plastic lids, including both UN and non-UN rated pails. Options available for crimp-on metal lids.

Available options:

  • Crimp head attachments for metal pails available allowing for quick switching between press plate and crimp head without changing machine height.
  • Roller conveyor and stands pre-drilled to accept the LP1524 lid press.  Includes pail stop bar at the end of the conveyor.
  • High force, dual cylinder model for facilities with low available compressed air pressure or containers requiring high press force (>2,500 lb)

Speak to our technical team about pail lid application:
or call/text (904) 321-9363

Availability - Ships in 4-8 weeks, Ships free to US and Canada

Pail lid press videos

Pail and bucket lid press Youtube link

Lid press process for 5 gallon buckets

See it in action on 

Standard closer machine equipped with:

  • Pneumatically operated - no electricity needed
  • Dual hand safety control - nylon brushes hold pail in place on roller conveyor
  • Fits most roller conveyor styles - 15in conveyor width minimum
  • Welded steel frame - stainless steel available
  • Fully adjustable press position - vertically adjust the press assembly for various container heights
  • 6in press plate stroke - allowing for a variety of pail heights without adjusting the machine height

Lid press specifications:

Press Speed Up to 15 CPM
Press Force 50 PSI (3.4 Bar): 989lb (449kg)
55 PSI (3.8 Bar): 1,088lb (494kg)
60 PSI (4.1 Bar): 1,187lb (539kg)
65 PSI (4.5 Bar): 1,286lb (583kg)
70 PSI (4.8 Bar): 1,385lb (628kg)
75 PSI (5.2 Bar): 1,484lb (673kg)
80 PSI (5.5 Bar): 1,583lb (718kg)
85 PSI (5.9 Bar): 1,682lb (763kg)
90 PSI (6.2 Bar): 1,781lb (808kg)
95 PSI (6.6 Bar): 1,880lb (853kg)
100 PSI (6.9 Bar): 1,979lb (898kg)
105 PSI (7.2 Bar): 2,078lb (943kg)
110 PSI (7.6 Bar): 2,177lb (987kg)
115 PSI (7.9 Bar): 2,276lb (1032kg)
120 PSI (8.3 Bar): 2,375lb (1077kg)
125 PSI (8.6 Bar): 2,474lb (1122kg)
130 PSI (9 Bar): 2,573lb (1167kg)
135 PSI (9.3 Bar): 2,672lb (1212kg)
140 PSI (9.7 Bar): 2,771lb (1257kg)
145 PSI (10 Bar): 2,869lb (1302kg)
150 PSI (10.3 Bar): 2,968lb (1346kg)

Bold: Recommended range
Press Stroke Length 6in [150mm]
Longer stroke length available upon request
Pail Compatibility Any open-top pail with snap on lid:
- between 8in [20.3cm] to 21in [53.3cm] in height with a max pail top diameter of 14.25in [36.2cm]
- both UN or non-UN rated pails

Optional crimp head attachment for metal pails available.
Conveyor Compatibility

15-18in width conveyor
Custom widths available upon request
Benchtop model available upon request

Electrical Requirements None
Air Requirements 50-150 PSI [3.4-10.3 Bar] depending on required press force.
Consumption: 0.30 - 4 CFM [0.01 - 0.11 m3/min] depending on press speed

Optional upgrades:

  • Various dimensions & frame options - customizable to suit your application
  • High press force - Allows for facilities with low compressed air pressure (>90PSI) to reliably close pails, OR allows for pail lid designs which require >2,500lb of force.
  • Extended press stroke length - Close different types of pails without adjusting the LP1524 height.  Standard stroke length is 5.9in, with options to increase to 11.8in.
  • Stainless steel, washdown frame for food processing applications
  • Crimp attachment for metal pails