Why Paquip Filling Equipment

You’ll never get “fill this out for a quote, we’ll get back to you” from us. Everything, including pricing, is up front and ready to order to save you time.

Why Paquip

Paquip was founded specifically to design and manufacture filling and packaging equipment for  companies looking for high bottle throughput, but are not ready to purchase a fully automatic bottling line.

Typically, equipment has been sized as either small, manually operated machines with very low bottle-per-hour throughput, or fully automatic systems requiring extensive capital investment. 

Paquip machines are for businesses with the need to fill smaller production bottling runs, but frequently with a variety of different products and bottle sizes.

Get full-auto speed at benchtop costs

Packaging Process Innovation

Our machines innovate in several areas with designs specifically for companies looking to increase bottling speed while minimizing initial investment costs

  • Benchtop models available
  • Do not require conveyor systems
  • Bottle shuttles allow operators to fill and transport up to 12 bottles at a time
  • Expandable, upgradable designs, including options to go fully-automatic on many models
  • Low initial capital investment

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