Pail filling just got easier - Introducing the XPG filler series

Our XPG pail filler is now available online in single and dual head versions. Fill 5 gallon bucket quickly and easily via net weight with 2HP variable speed gear pumps.

Pair with our LP1524 lid press and a roller conveyor system for a complete semi-auto pail filling line.

Pail filler with lid press on conveyor

XPG-200 Dual Pail Filling Machine with Lid Press

As with all of our machines, making product changeovers as easy and as possible was a primary focus. Loading and unloading fluid is aided by self-priming pumps as well as compressed air line clearing.

Fill pails at a rate of 3 to 4 containers per minute for the XPG-100 and 6-8 containers per minute for the XPG-200. 

The XPG filler series is ideal for businesses which have a broad product line and require specialized features in a pail filling machine:

  • Fill all types of pails: open top, square carboys, etc
  • Easy loading and unloading of fluids
  • Precise net weight filling via load cells
  • Adjustable fill speed, with "top-off" slow down for foamy products and increased accuracy


As with all of Paquip's products, this machine is available for purchase online.  Our standard setup is available without going through a lengthy quoting process with our staff.  Of course, modifications to the machine can be made upon request simply by contacting us.

See the XPG Series in action today or check out the product page for the XPG-100 and XPG-200 to place your order.