Pail Measurements - Plastic 5 Gallon Dimensions

Plastic pail dimensions blog

Whether you use pails to package your products or you purchase pails already filled with material, a quick reference for dimensions and other measurements can help with your operational planning. This list is intended to be a general guide to pail and bucket measurements and specifications as well as other useful pail measurements. 

The following is applicable to the common North American 5 gallon standard pail.  Measurements should be comparable to the most common open-head 5 gallon pail design, but exact measurements will vary between manufacturers and pail models.

Open-Top Pail With Lid Dimensions

5 Gallon Plastic Pail Measurements With Lid

Open-Top Pail Without Lid Dimensions

5 Gallon Plastic Pail Measurements Without Lid

US Metric
Diameter, top (without lid) 11.78in 299mm
Diameter, base 10.00in 254mm
Diameter, lid 12.14in 308mm
Diameter, lid inset 10.24in 260mm
Lid spout offset 3.00in 76mm
Height (without lid) 14.50in 368mm
Height (with lid) 14.58in 370mm
Height (nested pails) 14.50in (1st pail)
+4.25in (each additional pail)
368mm (1st pail)
+108mm (each additional pail)
Weight, pail 2.15lb 975g
Weight, lid 0.69lb 314g
Weight, total 2.84lb 1.289kg

Note: Dimensions and weights are approximate and will vary based on pail design and manufacturer