Upgraded FG-200 Dual Gear Pump Filling Machine - Now Available

Our flagship benchtop filling machine, the FG-200, has been reengineered top-to-bottom and is now available for order.

FG-200 Dual Gear Pump Filling Machine

We've designed this filling machine from the start to be incredibly easy to switch from product to product. With automated loading/unloading as well as tool-less disassembly of the most commonly cleaned parts, switching from product to product as well as different bottle sizes is quick and painless.

With the optional EZ-Adjust Nozzle arm and bottle alignment fence, operating the FG-200 becomes even easier with bottle throughput as high as 100 containers per minute.

The FG-200 is ideal for businesses which have a broad product line and container sizes and would like a filling machine with features such as:

  • Automated loading and unloading of fluids
  • Precise, digital fill level adjustment
  • Adjustable fill speed, with "top-off" slow down for foamy products and increased accuracy
  • Easy and quick nozzle positioning for switching between different bottle types
  • Save fill profiles for different fluids and bottle sizes

As with all of Paquip's product, this machine is available for purchase online.  Our standard setup is available without going through a lengthy quoting process with our staff.  Of course, modifications to the machine can be made upon request simply by contacting us.

See the FG-200 in action today or check out the product page to place your order.